Superintendent's Office
Message from Superintendent Shelley

Welcome to Tillamook School District 9, and thank you for visiting our website. I hope you find this resource to be useful and informative. Tillamook is located on the beautiful North Oregon Coast, and our schools serve approximately 2100 students. To meet the needs of all students, our district embeds trauma informed practices including Conscious Discipline for students in grades Pre K - 6 and Discovery in grades 7 - 12. We believe in building strong relationships among our community members, parents, students and staff. Our highest priority is academic rigor and opportunities for all students to reach their full educational potential.

A great education is the cornerstone of the community. Our community and schools work collaboratively and support each other to ensure students have access and opportunities to be successful and prepared for great careers and bright futures. We believe success in school goes beyond test scores and that each student will find success through various pathways and positive relationships.

The foundation of our success is built upon the mission of Tillamook school District which is to prepare our students with academic, artistic and social skills necessary to become positive contributors to a changing world. This vision of the district is to be an inclusive community that empowers all students to foster their dreams, explore their possibilities, and create their futures. We take pride in promoting and practicing the following core values: excellence, equity, inclusivity, integrity, collaboration, innovation and stewardship through the following principles:

Student Success - challenging and engaging all students through multiple pathways by broadening opportunities, building support systems, and eliminating barriers and opportunity gaps so that all students can achieve excellence.

Student Well Being - creating an environment that fosters the growth of the whole child. TSD9 will nurture all students’ intellectual, physical, mental, artistic, and social-emotional growth in healthy, safe, and supportive learning environments.

Engaged Workforce - recruiting, hiring, and investing in high quality and diverse workforce to ensure TSD9 is a place where talented individuals choose to work.

Operational Excellence - strengthening and improving system-wide operations to meet the needs of Tillamook’s growing and changing community.

Partnerships - developing and supporting strong connections among schools, families and the community to broaden opportunities for student learning, development, and growth.

Here in Tillamook, extracurricular activities are an extension of the classroom. We are proud to offer various clubs, activities and athletic programs.  Tillamook has a strong reputation and is very competitive at the state level in clubs, activities and athletics.

Tillamook School District 9 is committed to providing a safe and productive work and learning environment.  We strive to continually improve and adjust to meet the ever changing educational needs of our students and community. We welcome you to be a part of our TSD9 community.

Curt Shelley